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Wordless Wednesday : Power of Gratitude

29 August 2012

The origin of this photo is unknown - it has appeared on various forums, boards and on Facebook. Please let us know who created it so that we can give proper attribution. ~ IB staff
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28 August 2012

Artists and Public Figures Ask Governor Cuomo to Say No
Press Conference this Wednesday at Noon in Manhattan

Artists Against Fracking will be launched this Wednesday by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon as a new coalition of artists, musicians, filmmakers and public figures opposed to hydraulic fracking.

The group’s campaign to stop fracking in New York State (and worldwide) will be launched at a press conference this Wednesday at the Paley Center (25 West 52 Street between Fifth & Sixth Avenues) at 12pm ET. Yoko and Sean will appear the news conference, along with Mark Ruffalo and Dr. Tony Ingraffea of Cornell University.

The growing coalition now includes 146 members including Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Salman Rushdie, Ringo Starr, David Byrne, Alec Baldwin, Marina Abramovic, Kronos Quartet, Cindy Sherman, MGMT, Wilco, Bonnie Raitt, Liv Tyler, Mario Batali, Roberta Flack, Uma Thurman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and many others. The full list is at

The group will work to expose and stop the harmful and contaminating practice of fracturing bedrock for gas and oil through mass awareness and peaceful democratic action.

Yoko and Sean were compelled into action by the recent announcement by Governor Andrew Cuomo that fracking might soon begin in New York. Yoko and Sean have long been advocates for renewable and carbon-free power.
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Signal To Sell Facebook Stock?

21 August 2012
Or should you hang on to your shares?
The handwriting typing is on the wall screen when one of Facebook's top officials dumps his stock!
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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Wealth Tracker

17 August 2012

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Social media experts warn Twitterers : tweet responsibly!

16 August 2012
When members of the Florida State University football team hit the field this season, they won't be tweeting from the sidelines. In fact, they won't be tweeting at all.

FSU players have been stripped of the right to tweet: Head Coach Jimbo Fisher banned the team after several players made inappropriate comments on their personal accounts. One tweet, from backup defensive back Tyler Hunter, included profanity and referred to killing police officers.

Social media experts advise Twitter users to think before they tweet and if you don't, make sure you immediately tweet out an apology!

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8 Vital Stats for Blog Health - CHECKLIST

13 August 2012
Here's a handy live-link checklist for assessing your blog's health. CLICK ON THE TITLE to go to the unique URL for this post, so you can jump-off each individual linky!

◘ Be like Mr. Krabs - Love (and track) Your money with Xero

◘ Manage RSS with Feedburner

◘ Track! Use Google Alerts Twilert

◘ Watch your traffic with Google Analytics

◘ Monitor keywords with incognito window in Chrome

In Google Analytics, you can also check out your top referring sites.

◘ Watch your KEYWORDS

◘ Use, which gives you an overall idea of how you are influencing others via Twitter, Facebook, and so on. You can also use Klout to give you an overall summary of figures from the major social networks (Likes, shares, +1′s etc).

Adapted from a checklist appearing elsewhere on the internet.
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100,080 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

11 August 2012
Honest to Zeus, if I hear about or Google up one more "how to get traffic to your blog" article, I'm gonna jump offa roof!

I thought a little more, then decided to release my own comprehensive list!

1. Make sure your blog is free of ANNOYING POP-UPS, especially the "pop-up dominantion" variety and anything that overlays and covers the screen. You want your blog seen. You don't want people bouncing the second they see that stupid overlay!

2. Make Effective Use of High Traffic Days - if a post you've written suddenly attracts hundreds or thousands of visits, you need to put your best feet forward! Follow up on a high traffic time period with 2-3 high quality posts that show off your skills as a writer, your depth of understanding and let visitors know that this is content they should be sticking around to see more of. Nothing kills the “bump” faster than a blog whose content doesn’t update for 48 hours after they’ve received a huge influx of visitors.

3. Build a Brand - get a couple of unique logos or gravatars, a signature colour scheme - a style all your own! One of the most important aspects of all in blogging is brand-building.

2. Hook up with Twitter, Tumblr, Digg, Facebook, etc. etc. etc.

3. Take care to tag and catalog each article appropriately.

4. Give your images original "keyword" names that are search-engine friendly. Use of an image of a "hot babe" seems to get surefire results.

5. Use Keywords Often. Try this: Upload an Adobe File with keywords throughout.

6. Upload an E-Book. Make sure people can download it for FREE. These reports (e-Books) must be distributed to free online e-Book forums and sites to ensure your report is being marketed well. Asking other blogger friends to share the e-Book is also not a bad idea.

7. Make good use of aggregated content, the way Huffington Post does.

8. Leave Comments on other blogs. Plenty of them

9. Start Conversations on other Sites.

10. Invite guest bloggers. Become a guest blogger.

11. Follow and subscribe to blogs you enjoy. Make true connections with blogs that are similar to yours.

12. Provide an opportunity for followers to subscribe to your blog.

13. Do Collaborative Blogging - In collaboration with several online bloggers who write similar or relevant posts as you do is also quite effective. This does not necessarily mean only guest posting, but also co-authoring articles and then promoting on the social web sites.

14. Add your blog address to your e-mail signature.

15. Write about someone and mail them a link.

16. Send a newsletter with a link to your blog.

17. Give Away Something in Exchange for links and comments.

Bloggers, I would love to hear your thoughts about increasing traffic to YOUR blog!
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