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The 60 Minutes Blogging Plan: Everyday Routine for Building Traffic to Your Blog

30 September 2012

Whether you’re a full time blogger or a part-time putzer, building traffic is one helluva job requiring effort, resourcefulness, and creativitys. There are many many ways to attract traffic to your blog. While many of us  spend hours and hours building traffic for our blog, here's my "60 Minute Blogging Plan". All you need is 60 minutes out of your spare time everyday and I’ll show you how to make the most out of it to build targeted traffic to your blog. A broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended so we can stick to our 60 minutes schedule.
This routine will be very helpful if…
…you’re not a full time blogger and you have a real life in the analog world. I know most of the bloggers reading this are not on full time, so I’m quite sure this routine could be very attractive for you. Yes, this will also be very helpful if you don’t know how to wisely spend your time building traffic for your blog.
Follow First
Let’s call these things your capital to get started (don’t worry, no money involved). For the first day, I think you’ll need a couple of hours or so, then you could move on to the 60 minutes everyday routine.
1. Register with at least 2 forums on your niche. Forums are a great way to get traffic.
2. Subscribe to at least 3 big and popular blogs on your niche. I’ll explain later.
3. Make sure you are a member of twitter or facebook.
4. Find a big and popular blog in your niche that needs a guest blogger. Apply with your best work so that you will have a better chance of getting accepted.
The 60 Minutes A Day Routine
5 Minutes
You have 5 minutes tologin in to your blog, open your email, check RSS reader,  the forums you have joined and your social networks. If you are using Google, G+ and Blogger, you're a step ahead of the pack!  
10 Minutes
You have 10 minutes to browse and make a comment to all the content updates delivered via your RSS reader. A quick way to comment is to go to the article on the blog, select a paragraph and just type something sensible about it in 2 sentences or more. Do not spam. You only have ten minutes, so comment quickly.
30 Minutes
You have 30 minutes to be active in the forums and social media. Chat up friends, join in discussions, be controversial (this one’s helpful), answer questions, be highly reachable and popular. 30 minutes everyday will do the trick. Act fast.
5 Minutes
You have 5 minutes to submit your post to the blog on which you are being a guest blogger. This wouldn’t take too long. You just have to open the word document you already have created, copy it’s contents and publish on the blog.
Only 10 Minutes Left
Spend the final 10 minutes with your blog and readers. It will be better if your timestamp (for Wordpress) or future-post (for blogger) your posts so that you don’t have to worry about getting your contents updated. Answer comments. You can also analyze your stats to get an idea of your blog's reach and peek at what keywords, images and search terms are attracting visitors to your work. Also use this time to do other things that you know would help build your traffic.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Time’s Up!!!
How Will Those Things Build Your Traffic
Since we are on a 60 minutes tight schedule, I have only included the basic and the most effective ways in getting traffic. I must repeat again, there are virtually endless ways of getting traffic to your blog. Commenting, joining in discussions, being popular, being active in forums, social networks and other communities, being a guest blogger to a popular blog, and spending some time to take care of your own blog and readers are my best ways to gain lots of traffic in as little time as possible. GOOD LUCK!
Guest Post by Danielle Nong. Liane contributed to this report. (C) 2012 by Danielle Nong. Used with permission. 

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