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Crisis Mapping, Emergency Management and Communications

14 November 2012
Here is a collection of valuable links - go through this list and investigate each and every one. Bookmark or otherwise record the locations of the ones you beleive would be most useful to you, should the need arise. Share that list with others via whatever means at your disposal...

  • iRevolution 
    Patrick Meier is an expert and though leader in the use of new technologies for humanitarian response, early warning and resilience. He blogs about these issues, and covers topics such as big data, crisis mapping, crowdsourcing, social media and satellite technology.
  • iDisaster 2.0
    This highly regarded blog, produced by Kim Stephens with contributions from Claire Rubin, who also blogs at Recovery Diva, covers the use of “Web 2.0 and other communications technologies that are (or could be) used by members of the emergency management community.” Includes news, information and best practices of new media by emergency managers.
  • Diary of a Crisis Mapper
    Anahi Ayala Iacucci is an active and respected member of the crisis mapping community, one of the founders of the Standby Task Force and currently a media innovation advisor to Internews. She blogs about crowdsourcing and crisis mapping and how they relate to politics, the flow of information and power.
  • Social Media 4 Emergency Management 
    SM4EM acts a forum and entry point for communication and collaboration in the fields of social media, public safety and emergency services. It also hosts a weekly Twitter chat and provides information and resources for emergency management services wanting to use social media.
  • CrisisCommons Blog
    This blog is run by CrisisCommons, an international network of volunteers dedicated to building and using technology to “improve resiliency and response before a crisis.” Contributions come from members of the network, who have different backgrounds including technology, crisis response and government.
  • Crisis Comms Command Post
    Patrice Cloutier, a specialist in emergency management and crisis communications, covers best practices, emergency communications and social media in this blog, which also aims to be an “open forum for exchanging ideas and experience on emergency info and SMEM.”
  • All Hazards
    This blog covers breaking events and emergencies, and looks at connections between ”emergency management and the public through social media; informatics in disasters and emergency response; and new perspectives on preparing for small and big emergencies and disasters.” Created by David Wild, Professor of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University.
  • A.W.A.R.E.
    Alerts, Warnings & Response to Emergencies is a forum for discussion about ideas, experiences and best practices in emergency warnings and alerts. The blog in sponsored by SRA International Strategy and Performance Group and carries some articles written staff of the company.
  • Snurblog
    Created by Dr Axel Bruns, Associate Professor in Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology, this blog frequently covers social media and citizen journalism in political crises and natural disasters. It also carries Dr Bruns’ many presentations on these topics.
  • Information Technology in Crisis and Emergency Response
    This blog carries articles in Swedish and English by Jonas Landgren, an Associate Professor of Applied IT at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Includes links to presentations (mostly in Swedish) on Slideshare, resources and suggested reading.
  • Dealing with Disasters
    Gisli Olafsson shares some of his knowledge and experience in the field of disaster management and the use of ICT in disaster reponse through this blog. Currently the  Emergency Response Director for NetHope, Olafsson is also “an active member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team.”
  • The Face of the Matter
    This blog, created by Jim Garrow, looks at ”how social media is evolving with regards to emergency management and response.” Garrow is an active member of the SMEM Initiative, the Department of Homeland Security’s Virtual Social Media Working Group and the CrisisCommons Communications workgroup.
  • Ushahidi Blog
    This is the official blog of Ushahidi, a platform commonly used to map events during crises and disasters. It covers some of the many uses of the platform including mapping of corruption, election monitoring and violent incidents.
  • Standby Task Force Blog
    Members of the Standby Task Force, a network of around 900 volunteer crisis mappers, contribute to this blog with posts about the network’s deployments, appearances by members at conferences, developments and innovations in the field and lessons learned.

  • Emergency Journalism (

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