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Discovery! Find Exactly Where Your Social Traffic Is Coming From!

19 November 2012

Identify Where Your Social Traffic Comes From

Google Analytics can help you understand the users’ social networks and their physical location.
To see your social media traffic, you need to first set up an advanced segment in Google Analytics.
When you’re logged into your Google Analytics account, head to Advanced Segments, +New Custom Segment, then add your social media traffic sources to the segment.
You can see this below.
social media advanced segment
Use one catchall segment to capture all of your social media traffic at once.

Once that’s set up, head to Audience – Demographics – Location, and you’ll get a grid that looks like this:
social media location report
Shows what states my social media traffic is coming from (one step deeper than the default country-level report).
How can this information help you improve your marketing?
You can apply this information to your business goals. For example, you can use this information from Google Analytics to help you decide what locations might be best for a meet-up, where to set up the best Facebook location targeted ads or determine the best locations for a Pay-With-a-Tweet store.

#2: Determine What Social Media Traffic Comes From Mobile Devices

We’ve all heard that mobile is on the rise. Google’s 2012 Our Mobile Planet report shows that 80% of smartphone users in the United States use their phones to access social networks, and 55% visit more than once a day.
What about your audience? Industry stats are great, but don’t you want to see what applies specifically to your site?
With that advanced segment selected, simply head to Standard Reporting – Audience – Mobile – Overview.
You’ll get a chart that looks a lot like this:
social media mobile traffic
Here I've selected the default All Visits segment to compare against my Social Media Traffic segment.
How can this information help you improve your marketing?
You’ll find it useful to know how much of your social media traffic comes from mobile. If there’s a significant number, you’ll want to check how your content shows up on mobile devices.
Maybe your detailed infographic is hard to read. Or your Flash video only shows up as a “?” on mobile devices. Or maybe that contest form you’re thinking about tweeting has a lot of tiny fields that are too hard to fill out.

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