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#LastPrintIssue : Newsweek's last bid for relevancy?

23 December 2012
The transition from newsprint to digital almost complete, US icon newsmagazine Newsweek bids us all a fond farewell with a dead-on hashtag headline that displays the old and the new together, as one might display a VHS tape next to a DVD, or perhaps a better example, a wax cylinder next to a phonograph record next to a cassette next to a CD next  to an mp3 player? 

It is the end of an era, no doubt. The world is changing.  Editor-in-chief Tina Brown tweeted, "Bitter sweet! Wish us luck!

The black and white photograph of the ancient building pays tribute to the origins of the publication, while the bold, pink, hashtag headline symbolizes the bright future that they’re hoping for in this new world. Is that right?

Newsweek's last print issue has just a hashtag on the cover. Like using your final breath to ID the killer

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