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Use Facebook To Make Your Blogpost Go VIRAL!

08 December 2013

When it comes to utilizing Facebook traffic, a lot of us seems to get stuck on just building static fan pages and watching our fan count go up. First off, you’re under-estimating the power of Facebook as a viable traffic source, and second, there’s...

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Around the Blogosphere 22 November 2013

21 November 2013

Charles Manson Getting Married To 25-Year-Old Named 'Star,' According To Her

Charles Manson may be getting married -- or at least, that's whatone of his biggest fans claims. "I'll tell you straight up, Charlieand I are going to get married," the supposed fiancee, known onlyas "Star," told Rolling Stone. "I take it very seriously. Charlieis my husband. Charlie told me to…
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Miss Info  Preview: Eminem “Rap God” (Video) Don’t change the channel, Eminem loses his mind in the upcoming psychadelic visual “Rap God.” 

Dave Lucas' Notes  Let's All Play A Little Game of KNOCKOUT - NY Lawmaker Targets 'Knockout Game' Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco is introducing new legislation, the “Knockout Assault Deterrent Act”.. 
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Around The Blogosphere 21 November 2013

20 November 2013
Boy and his dog take Internet by storm

Boy and his dog take Internet by storm

When abandoned pup Theo was adopted by the Shyba family, he found more than his forever home -- he also bonded with 23-month-old Beau. Now the pair have an adorable ritual that's been documented in these images.

COP19: Fasting For The Climate

Bloggers and Twitter users attending the summit are reacting to Yeb Saño's hunger strike to pressure for meaningful progress at the UN climate talks.

Umeng, The “Flurry of China”, Confirms Its Acquisition By Alibaba -[image: umeng-logo]Umeng, the analytics provider that has collected data from 180,000 apps and 590 million active devices throughout China, confirmed that ...  
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Ten Hidden YouTube Features & Tweaks

28 October 2013

1. Better linking
If you want to link to a specific point in a video, just right-click the video and select 'Copy video URL at current time'. When someone clicks on that URL, it will then take them to that specific point.
2. Play/Pause
If you want to quickly pause a video, the easiest way is to just press the Space bar on your keyboard. It will save you hovering the mouse over the play/pause button. Pressing the Space bar again will make the video continue playing.
3. Rewind/fast-forward
If you want to rewind a video, just press the left arrow key on your keyboard. To forward a video, press the right key. This is much quicker than using the mouse and dragging the cursor across.
4. Watch later
If you're in the middle of a video and need to stop watching it - do not fear. You can click on a Watch Later button that looks like a clock, and it will save the video for you to come back to. This way you don't have to keep searching for the same videos and it will be waiting for you in your 'Watch Later' channel.
5. Disable related content
If you don't want to see any related videos at the end of a clip, you can disable them by adding the code "?rel=0" to the end of the URL in the embed code.
6. Repeat videos
If you want to repeat your favourite music videos, you can add the word 'repeater' in the URL straight after 'youtube' to open it in an external site that will play it back as often as you let it. You can also set it to play back just part of the video. It will look something like ''
7. Customised searching
If you want to narrow down your search results, you can use a number of codes. Adding "HD" to your search query will return high-definition results while "3D" will pull up three-dimensional content.
Writing "long" will bring you videos longer than 20 minutes, while typing in "short" will return content less than four minutes long.
Typing in "channels" or "playlists" will just bring up those results, as will "today" or "this week" to bring up more recent content.
8. Search in other languages
For the bilingual or multilingual, there are options on YouTube to search in different languages. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and change the language options. The choices range from Hebrew to Marathi and for these foreign languages with different characters, a special keyboard will appear in the search options. For languages such as Hebrew where it is written from right to left, the position of the page changes too.
9. Download a video
If you want to embed a video onto your own webpage, press the 'Share' button on the video and then go to 'Embed'. If you want to change the size of the video, you can pick a custom width and it will automically produce the required size for the video.
10. Poor connection
If you have a poor connection and want to improve the quality of the videos you're watching, use YouTube Feather. This beta viewing option removes some features and buttons on the video, meaning they can buffer quicker and not leave you with slow loading.
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Run SKYPE on a USB Thumb Drive

04 October 2013
There are several methods of transferring Skype to a USB - I combined two to ensure that my stick would work in any situation on any computer - at home, work, school, library, internet cafe, wherever.

You may have to play around a bit - on some computers I was able to initiate Skype by clicking on the .exe file without using either .bat file while other computers preferred one .bat over the other.

Follow the following steps and Skype would run from your USB drive.

  1. Only Skype version 1.4 or later supports a removable configuration. Download the latest version if required.
  2. Create a folder \Skype on your USB drive.
  3. Secure the folder if you worry about people peeking into your data if you lose your USB drive. Read the USB drive owner’s manual for more details.
  4. Copy skype.exe into \Skype. You can find the program in “C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone”.
  5. Create a batch file runSkype.bat in the \Skype folder using Notepad. Within that file, insert the following command line just as it's seen here:
  6. start skype.exe /removable /datapath:"\Skype"
  7. Once the .bat file has been created you start Skype by either browsing to the Skype folder on the thumb drive or going to Start-> run and execute the batch file: run Skype.bat (e:\Skype\runSkype.bat for instance) If you run the skype.exe file you may receive an error stating that the file is not a valid Win32 application.

If you want to use the existing profile on your current computer:

Copy all files and folders within: For Windows '98 / ME / 2000 / XP - “c:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Skype” to \Skype on the USB drive 

Windows Vista - "c:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Skype" to \Skype on the USB drive 

Copy the following folders to \Skype on the USB drive: “My Documents\My Skype Content” “My Documents\My Skype Pictures” “My Documents\My Skype Received Files”

Here's the alternate set of instructions: 

How to set up Skype to run from a USB flash drive:

  1. Download Skype and install it on your computer. (or, if you have already installed Skype on your computer, continue to step 2)
  2.   Find skype.exe file where it was installed. (Normally found at C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\skype.exe) 
  3. On your USB drive create a folder and name it "Skype" and copy skype.exe into this folder 
  4. Create another folder in this Skype folder on the USB drive and name it "Data" 
  5. Create a new file in Notepad and name it "skype.bat" 
  6. Open the "skype.bat" file and add the following text: skype.exe /datapath:"Data" /removable

That's all! Now you are ready to run Skype from your USB drive. Just plug it into any PC and click on the skype.bat file. This will run Skype from your USB drive.
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How to Build a Lifelong Blog Reader Base

01 October 2013

Traffic is usually fleeting, whether you’re a blog owner or a webmaster, the scenario remains the same. Of course, since the day you’ve build your blog, the goal have always been to establish a large reader base that will provide streams of continuous traffic even if you’re slacking on your SEO campaigns, or if you've missed the  15 Commandments of Blogging, and or if Google kicked you again in your PageRank (you get the point).

What’s a Reader Base? My Take.

A reader base basically have the same functions of a fan group. They follow your content and updates, they usually are the first ones to respond to your calls (whether they’re promotional calls or distress calls), they visit your site without any referrer and the best part is that they always return for more. Which means,
Larger Reader Base = Blogger’s Dream Come True

As they say, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The thing about building a reader base is that it’s the hardest part of blog promotion. Unlike traffic, you just don’t get that in a snap or in a wave of your advertising powers. A blog reader base is accumulated and taken cared of. There are a lot of factors to consider if you want to establish a big reader base, but the thing is, once you’ve done successful on this, it’s blog nirvana. Almost.

The Keys to Building a Blog Reader Base

Let me remind as I go to the keys, building a reader base is among, if not the, hardest of all when it comes to blog promotion. It takes time and a lot of effort but in the end, it sure is more than worth it.

First Key: Recognition

Of course, this one wins hands down if where talking about what to consider first. Recognition is number one. You can’t be a fan of a blog if you can’t even remember it in the first place. In my experience for example, I comment more than 10 blogs every time I go online but in those 10+ blogs, there are only about 2-3 that I did remembered on my first visit. Take my tip, improve you’re branding style. Be unique, be original and always have your own template. Why? It’s a hard thing to remember a blog alone, much more to remember a blog that looks the same with hundreds of others.

Second Key: Value for Time

Nothing is more fast-paced than the online world. Take for example how you read your email. Isn’t it right that you only read (or scan as I suspect) emails whose message are important to you and then immediately delete those you think are insignificant? Same goes with blogs. Ask yourself, would you give some time to go over a blog that would really be of no or little value to you? Repeat visitors think this way. They only go back as long as a blog provides them with good content that’ll be worth their time. Create a blog that’s worth visiting over and over and over again.

Third Key: Trust and Authority

This is the reason why bloggers who claim to be ‘gurus’ of this and that have a large reader base. They are considered as authorities to their respective niches and therefore, they are trusted. Blog reader base is tied greatly to authority and trust. If you're that blogger who do blogs on a specific niche, take my tip, place yourself as an authority to that topic. How? Research, research and more research. To be known as a 'guru', you have to spread the knowledge since 'guru' means teacher and teachers teach. That's the main part.

Fourth Key: Be Highly Visible and Reach Out to Readers

The trick in here is to splatter your name together with your blog's name all over the web, and strictly no spamming at that. Try submitting your site to to this list of directories with good google pagerank. It doesn't really mean you have to be online 24/7. The point is to make yourself visible, as in make your presence be known! Commenting here and there helps : extending as a sponsor helps too, offering a free service, even better! There are virtually endless ways and with the help of your creativity, you can sure go the extra mile.

Extra Tip: How to Take Care of Your Reader Base

Once you've start collecting and establishing readers you might want to make sure no one's leaving. Remembering names is a good way to start. Familiarity helps a lot you know. Collecting email addresses helps too (either you've build up a mailing list or through your feed subscribers). You might also consider giving them incentives every know and then. Like freebies, coupons and special tips of the latest buzz and happenings. Every little thing helps. That and remember to thank them for their loyalty every now and then. 
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How to Remove Bloodhound.MalPE

30 September 2013
If Bloodhound.MalPE entered the computer, your Windows files, registry entries and other essential components are also infected. 

System Restore can reinstate clean system files by restoring the configuration to an earlier date. The method also replaces compromised files with a clean version.

 NOTE: This only works if you have a saved restore point before Bloodhound.MalPE hopped aboard your computer!
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Beware! The Louise Denson Virus!

18 September 2013

AVOID Louise Denson ( at all costs! It contains a self-downloading an AV breaker able to compromise all existing anti-virus programs; it emails all of your passwords, chats, photos and financial files to hackers, then wipes your drive, writing to zeroes and tracking-in something called a "loop virus" to permanently render your hard drive un-usable!

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Twitter redesign aims to lure new users

18 September 2013
BrandRepublic :: Twitter is preparing to unveil a mobile app that will more clearly stream content by trending subjects and display photos and videos more prominently, according to a report.
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Market, Market, Market!

16 September 2013
» The Blogging Warehouse (formerly known as 'The Adgitizer') has announced the addition of "Marketing by Ann Blog" to the landing page. Ann Liu is a certified Internet Marketing Consultant, the author of "Online Profiting." The Blogging Warehouse has distinguished itself as an ultra-focused site dedicated to covering the many angles of blogging. (Check out the excellent HISTORY OF BLOGGING, which includes a Blogging Timeline INFOgraphic). If you go there to see the infograph, be sure to click on it to enlarge it to a full-screen view!

» Blazing Minds blogger Karen Woodham shares some good advice in an article explaining how a minor mistake, a little something overlooked, led to a small financial loss. For internet marketeers (and everyone, for that matter!) every cent counts!

» Check out Kristi Hines'
24 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest – 2 dozen avenues to monetize your Pinterest account by using it to grow your mailing list, sell products, offer services, increase book sales, and promote affiliate products.
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Download Google Maps For Offline Use

09 August 2013
How many times have you wished you could "save" Google Maps or driving directions right on your smartphone? Up until now, this could only be easily accomplished with that Russian phone that can take an image from one screen and place it on the other.

The wiley Saurabh has the answer, providing the path by which anyone can save Google Maps (as well as many other types) right on the old smartphone! Thanks, Saurabh!
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Free TV For You And Me!

08 August 2013
Have you ever wondered what television signals are being broadcast in your area? A GfK Media & Entertainment study shows that 19.3% of all American households now rely on free over-the-air broadcasts as their primary source for television. The "ancient" technology is still available, for those smart enough to seek it out!

See also: Lists of television channels in the United States
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Unlock God Mode in Windows 8

05 July 2013

This month's feature blog is a blog called dragonblogger, who offers an educational post written by Raymond Stapleton, entitled "How to turn Windows 8 into god mode and unlock a slew of hidden features in Windows 8". Now for the short sweet version: create a new folder on your desktop... rename it: God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
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A toolkit for Twitter: JustUnfollow

28 June 2013
Put some glitter to your twitter - blow off the dust, expel the pests.

The JustUnfollow app provides handy-dandy management modules every twitterer should avail him-or-herself of.

JustUnfollow is free with some added value "pay for" features you can go for!

Have a look at the features available!
  • Not Followers: to find the people you follow, but who do not follow you. From there, you can make a unfollow the accounts in question, avoiding having too much heavy-handed, because Twitter does not like the practice of mass unfollow and may suspend your account in cases of obvious abuse. Twitter considers that follows when someone is after thinking about it and it is curious to change his mind a little too often than average.
  • Fans: to find the people who follow you, but you do not follow each other.
  • Who unfollowed me: to find the people who have graced you a unfollow.
  • Who Followed Me: to find the people who are following you with a follow.
  • Inactive Following: to filter out people who are inactive who tweeted anything for 1, 3 or 6 months or more.
  • All Following: allows you to see all the people you follow with the ability to click a button Unfollow.
  • Copy Followers: You can follow the followers of another person which is effective in finding interesting to follow itself accounts.
  • Whitelist: Turn accounts white list to avoid making them unfollow by mistake.
  • Blacklist: Turn an account blacklisted.
  • Friend Check: indicates whether a person follows another
Other features allow you to view the profile of a person to see his tweets, adding to a list, automatically send DM to automatically follow people who follow you ...
The interface is simple and responsive, just remember the more advanced features are not free!
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How To View Your Twitter Analytics!

17 June 2013
So how are you doing on America's #1 social network?

Micro-blogging on twitter has become routine, a way of digital life for many of us. If you follow these instructions EXACTLY to the letter, you will get a real eye-opener as to how effective your tweets are. Just pay close attention to the directions, even if they don't seem to make any sense.

WARNING! There is a possibility you will be crushed when you see the results. If you can't stomach the truth, do not visit Christopher Penn's URL!

That is all!
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How to install Chinese on Windows XP

11 June 2013
Getting Chinese text in Windows is quite easy. Providing you have administrator rights, you can simply enable it in the control panel.
  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
  2. (If the Control Panel is in "Category view") Select "Date, Time, Language and Regional options."
  3. Open the "Regional and Language Options" icon.
  4. Choose the "Languages" tab, and ensure the "Install files for East Asian languages" is checked, as per the screenshot below:

    Windows Regional and Language Options dialog
  5. Click the "Details" button to open the "Text services and input languages" dialog.
  6. If "Chinese" is not listed in the "Installed Services" box, click "Add".
  7. In the "Input Language" list, choose "Chinese (PRC)". The "Keyboard layout" should default to "Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0". Click "Ok" on both dialogs to return to the "Regional and Language Options".
  8. Click "Ok", you will probably need to insert your Windows CD for the files to be installed.
  9. The language bar should now have appeared in the bottom right of the taskbar. It should default to English - "EN".
  10. Click on the "EN" button to show the available languages:

    Windows language bar
  11. By changing the language to "CH", you can now type in Pinyin. You can change the current language by pressing "ALT" + "SHIFT" on your keyboard.
H/T to
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Post-Penguin Google Analysis

21 May 2013
Have you adjusted to the new Google parameters? Did you know that back links should be your prime focus? Netizen Ryan Biddulph recommends "Building trust over links seems to be a very smart approach to me. Stop chasing numbers and start accepting quality links, and you will find yourself performing better with Google’s rankings." Blogger Dave Lucas recommends "Ignore all of the 'guru-driven' crap masquerading as 'advice.' Write quality material, upload interesting posts, give credit to and comment on other blogs when appropriate. Don't worry too much about the no-follow or do-follow argument. Good works rise above garbage. It was true for writers way before the Internet came along, and it is true now." Jerry Low has posted an interesting infographic on FamousBloggers.
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18 Steps Toward A Progressively Healthier Blog

07 May 2013

Here’s what you need. IB has gotcha the software, web apps, WordPress Plugins, tricks, tips and hacks that will make you and your little weblog happy again.
What are you waiting for? Let’s get going!
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Nimble Preps To Blow Facebook Out Of The Sky

02 May 2013
Facebook FB -1.22% proved Wednesday that you can make money selling ads on mobile phones. But Forbes' Parmy Olson has a warning for the Social Network.
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What is a "beatblogger"????

16 April 2013
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FREE The complete 'Science of Twitter'

12 April 2013

Actually, this is more than "science" or "educated speculation." It is fact.

Tweet now, now that you are alive. Or tweet when you are dead. It is possible.

Cross-posted on Mobile
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Facebook Fables: Mark Zuckerburg's Childhood Website

04 April 2013

Mark Zuckerburg's First Blog

The Socialmeister 15 years old. In 1999. A piece of internet history has been unearthed. Time Travel! Click on the image below!

This really wasn't a "blog" - it was a "webpage" or "home page"...
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Free the Idea Monkey

27 March 2013
Look around at some of the present day's largest, most recognizable companies. Did you know that some of them will disappear after they encounter what's been termed “a Napster Moment?” says , which advises Fortune 100 players like GE and Wal-Mart.

“Napster was a rule-breaking company that paved the way for iTunes and the complete disruption of the music industry. When someone like Napster, who has no business being in your business, comes along and puts you out of business, we call that a ‘Napster Moment.’ And Napster Moments are happening more and more often,” ~ G. Michael Maddock, CEO of Maddock Douglas, coauthor of “Free the Idea Monkey,” (, with Maddock Douglas president Raphael Louis Vitón.

In a recent radio interview, hit maker, creator of Mariah Carey and former Sony CEO Tommy Mottola (also: Beyoncé) said that seasoned record execs saw Napster as a “mosquito unworthy of swatting,” and in hindsight realized that if they had just purchased the company, they would have beaten iTunes to the punch.

The takeaway?

To succeed, company leaders must not only be able to innovate, they must recognize opportunity and ensure they’re poised to seize it.
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Multitasking Across Multiscreens, Canadian Style

26 March 2013
via :: The multiscreen environment of the typical Canadian living room these days has profound implications for broadcasters as they figure out how to reach and maintain their audience, said a number of industry experts who spoke Wednesday at the Digital Media Summit in Toronto.
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App 200 error

26 March 2013
Cut to the chase! Here is the fixer if your BlackBerry device has succumbed to one of those dreaded "app" error codes. Endless reboots can be ended! Yes, friends, there is hope!

Before you go, make sure you have about 45 minutes or more to spare, and that you can work without being distracted. The directions are easy, the process painless. If you have already given up on your device or have been told "it can't be fixed" or "buy a new one" this post is for you!

The Remedy.

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Free Infographic: Identity Theft Statistics and Facts

21 March 2013
Jenny on the bubbles blog has the complete report!
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Where is Google Reader?

19 March 2013
Here's how to get it back (you need to be signed in to your Gmail account!)
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17 March 2013
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100 Blogs You Need in Your Life

02 March 2013

This title is making its way through the "guru net" like a virus!

Truth be told, you don't need ANY of these! They will make you feel worthless and demonstrate how completely insignificant you and your blog are!

Instead, I recommend The One-Minute Blogger (WordPress) , a concise, FREE no-strings-attached online course in Blogging from A to Z!

Spend some of your valuable time there, and don't forget to use to make hard copies of important pages!
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Are You Using Your 'Social Smarts'?

20 February 2013

Some folks jump thru hoops to try to get noticed on the net. They try everything to attract traffic to their blogs or facebooks or twitter streams!

But it's what you DON'T concoct or plot for or connive that often works!

Strategic social media placement - unplanned is always best! That lift from another can rise you miles above where you will go trying to blow your own horn!
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Pimping Pinterest

14 February 2013

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4 Secrets of Power Posting For Bloggers

10 February 2013
Sharing the secrets of gaining readership, increasing your influence and being a better blogger!

SECRET I : Write 1 to 2 Blog Posts Daily

Write more if you are in the mood, or if the blogging "spirit" moves you! You don't have to post them all at once! Most blogging platforms allow you to schedule your posts. So make the most of a Creative blitz and schedule posts accordingly: if your topic aligns with other events (example: a post about popular music can be scheduled to appear the day or night or day after a major awards ceremony, like the Grammys).

When you practice a skill, the skill becomes a habit. Writing a blog post becomes like breathing to you, automatic, no need to even think about churning out the post. You pick a topic, write, and 15 minutes later another post is out there.

SECRET II : Go Tribal

Like many other things in life, blogging is a "numbers" game! Think of it this way: you can reach your 20,000 twitter followers, but 30 people automatically retweeting your latest post can help you reach 500,000 twitter followers, or more.

Of course these numbers might not all be active, but you get the drift. Leveraging. Getting a ton more traffic by helping others generate traffic.

A great secret to blogging success, heck, to any online business or offline business niche. You will grow as quickly as your network grows, and in proportion to the value you bring to the table. That is simple, that is it. You connect, you create, and good things happen.

SECRET III : Hyper Target Content

Do not bother writing a post without niche specific keywords. You want hungry, targeted people to read your posts, so both parties prosper. You gain a loyal reader, maybe a customer, or team member, and your readers allow you to solve their problems, with your content or product or opportunity solution. Wonderful pairing, right?

SECRET IV : The Magic Ingredient – Persistence

Set minimum standards. Write at least 1 article a day, every day, for weeks or months. Persistence wins. If you simply stick with it, you will succeed.
Guest Post by uberblogger Dhani Annabi

Condensed and Adopted from "Why Your Blog Attracts an Audience of Crickets and How to Fix It" by RYAN BIDDULPH which was originally posted on on FEBRUARY 9, 2013 ...
Dhani is an avid re-blogger currently based in Berlin, where she lives with her little dog McTygue.
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Infographic: Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites

26 January 2013

As you scan this somewhat biased infographic [somebody there doesn't like G+] recall a handful of the large social media players of the past that have utterly failed. Then CHECK HERE for a BETTER more accurate and UNBIASED report!
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5 Fiverr Alternatives

25 January 2013 - one of the most popular alternatives to Fiverr.  Jobs go for $5,$10, or $20. - Why work for $5 when you can work for $99 ? TaskArmy works just like except that the gigs go for $99. - where the gigs go for $7. - a great place for internet marketers as most of the jobs are things like rating youtube videos and liking facebook fan pages. is definitely worth checking out.

I saved the best for last!! - make more money with your gig(s). I found ZEERK.COM to be the best micro-gigs website to do business as there is good traffic, sales, good support and very fast payouts. Unlike Fiverr, you am not restricted to sell things for only $5. In Zeerk you can sell anything for $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $75 or $100.
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