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5 Fiverr Alternatives

25 January 2013 - one of the most popular alternatives to Fiverr.  Jobs go for $5,$10, or $20. - Why work for $5 when you can work for $99 ? TaskArmy works just like except that the gigs go for $99. - where the gigs go for $7. - a great place for internet marketers as most of the jobs are things like rating youtube videos and liking facebook fan pages. is definitely worth checking out.

I saved the best for last!! - make more money with your gig(s). I found ZEERK.COM to be the best micro-gigs website to do business as there is good traffic, sales, good support and very fast payouts. Unlike Fiverr, you am not restricted to sell things for only $5. In Zeerk you can sell anything for $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $75 or $100.


Blogs sgolb said...

there is a new addition and it's awesome app, I love the design and the ability to list at any price. is a marketplace for all sorts of services at any price level. I think a big problem with fiverr is that I couldn't sell bigger services - some of my computer services take a lot of time and thus 5 dollars isn't going to cut it.

Chole jacob said... - Thousands of SEO providers use it to sell their services and there is thousands of people buying services each month. I use it for both buying and selling on. I make more money than I can spend on there lol.


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