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4 Secrets of Power Posting For Bloggers

10 February 2013
Sharing the secrets of gaining readership, increasing your influence and being a better blogger!

SECRET I : Write 1 to 2 Blog Posts Daily

Write more if you are in the mood, or if the blogging "spirit" moves you! You don't have to post them all at once! Most blogging platforms allow you to schedule your posts. So make the most of a Creative blitz and schedule posts accordingly: if your topic aligns with other events (example: a post about popular music can be scheduled to appear the day or night or day after a major awards ceremony, like the Grammys).

When you practice a skill, the skill becomes a habit. Writing a blog post becomes like breathing to you, automatic, no need to even think about churning out the post. You pick a topic, write, and 15 minutes later another post is out there.

SECRET II : Go Tribal

Like many other things in life, blogging is a "numbers" game! Think of it this way: you can reach your 20,000 twitter followers, but 30 people automatically retweeting your latest post can help you reach 500,000 twitter followers, or more.

Of course these numbers might not all be active, but you get the drift. Leveraging. Getting a ton more traffic by helping others generate traffic.

A great secret to blogging success, heck, to any online business or offline business niche. You will grow as quickly as your network grows, and in proportion to the value you bring to the table. That is simple, that is it. You connect, you create, and good things happen.

SECRET III : Hyper Target Content

Do not bother writing a post without niche specific keywords. You want hungry, targeted people to read your posts, so both parties prosper. You gain a loyal reader, maybe a customer, or team member, and your readers allow you to solve their problems, with your content or product or opportunity solution. Wonderful pairing, right?

SECRET IV : The Magic Ingredient – Persistence

Set minimum standards. Write at least 1 article a day, every day, for weeks or months. Persistence wins. If you simply stick with it, you will succeed.
Guest Post by uberblogger Dhani Annabi

Condensed and Adopted from "Why Your Blog Attracts an Audience of Crickets and How to Fix It" by RYAN BIDDULPH which was originally posted on on FEBRUARY 9, 2013 ...
Dhani is an avid re-blogger currently based in Berlin, where she lives with her little dog McTygue.

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