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Free the Idea Monkey

27 March 2013
Look around at some of the present day's largest, most recognizable companies. Did you know that some of them will disappear after they encounter what's been termed “a Napster Moment?” says , which advises Fortune 100 players like GE and Wal-Mart.

“Napster was a rule-breaking company that paved the way for iTunes and the complete disruption of the music industry. When someone like Napster, who has no business being in your business, comes along and puts you out of business, we call that a ‘Napster Moment.’ And Napster Moments are happening more and more often,” ~ G. Michael Maddock, CEO of Maddock Douglas, coauthor of “Free the Idea Monkey,” (, with Maddock Douglas president Raphael Louis Vitón.

In a recent radio interview, hit maker, creator of Mariah Carey and former Sony CEO Tommy Mottola (also: Beyoncé) said that seasoned record execs saw Napster as a “mosquito unworthy of swatting,” and in hindsight realized that if they had just purchased the company, they would have beaten iTunes to the punch.

The takeaway?

To succeed, company leaders must not only be able to innovate, they must recognize opportunity and ensure they’re poised to seize it.
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Multitasking Across Multiscreens, Canadian Style

26 March 2013
via :: The multiscreen environment of the typical Canadian living room these days has profound implications for broadcasters as they figure out how to reach and maintain their audience, said a number of industry experts who spoke Wednesday at the Digital Media Summit in Toronto.
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App 200 error

26 March 2013
Cut to the chase! Here is the fixer if your BlackBerry device has succumbed to one of those dreaded "app" error codes. Endless reboots can be ended! Yes, friends, there is hope!

Before you go, make sure you have about 45 minutes or more to spare, and that you can work without being distracted. The directions are easy, the process painless. If you have already given up on your device or have been told "it can't be fixed" or "buy a new one" this post is for you!

The Remedy.

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Free Infographic: Identity Theft Statistics and Facts

21 March 2013
Jenny on the bubbles blog has the complete report!
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Where is Google Reader?

19 March 2013
Here's how to get it back (you need to be signed in to your Gmail account!)
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17 March 2013
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100 Blogs You Need in Your Life

02 March 2013

This title is making its way through the "guru net" like a virus!

Truth be told, you don't need ANY of these! They will make you feel worthless and demonstrate how completely insignificant you and your blog are!

Instead, I recommend The One-Minute Blogger (WordPress) , a concise, FREE no-strings-attached online course in Blogging from A to Z!

Spend some of your valuable time there, and don't forget to use to make hard copies of important pages!
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