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Free the Idea Monkey

27 March 2013
Look around at some of the present day's largest, most recognizable companies. Did you know that some of them will disappear after they encounter what's been termed “a Napster Moment?” says , which advises Fortune 100 players like GE and Wal-Mart.

“Napster was a rule-breaking company that paved the way for iTunes and the complete disruption of the music industry. When someone like Napster, who has no business being in your business, comes along and puts you out of business, we call that a ‘Napster Moment.’ And Napster Moments are happening more and more often,” ~ G. Michael Maddock, CEO of Maddock Douglas, coauthor of “Free the Idea Monkey,” (, with Maddock Douglas president Raphael Louis Vit√≥n.

In a recent radio interview, hit maker, creator of Mariah Carey and former Sony CEO Tommy Mottola (also: Beyonc√©) said that seasoned record execs saw Napster as a “mosquito unworthy of swatting,” and in hindsight realized that if they had just purchased the company, they would have beaten iTunes to the punch.

The takeaway?

To succeed, company leaders must not only be able to innovate, they must recognize opportunity and ensure they’re poised to seize it.

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