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A toolkit for Twitter: JustUnfollow

28 June 2013
Put some glitter to your twitter - blow off the dust, expel the pests.

The JustUnfollow app provides handy-dandy management modules every twitterer should avail him-or-herself of.

JustUnfollow is free with some added value "pay for" features you can go for!

Have a look at the features available!
  • Not Followers: to find the people you follow, but who do not follow you. From there, you can make a unfollow the accounts in question, avoiding having too much heavy-handed, because Twitter does not like the practice of mass unfollow and may suspend your account in cases of obvious abuse. Twitter considers that follows when someone is after thinking about it and it is curious to change his mind a little too often than average.
  • Fans: to find the people who follow you, but you do not follow each other.
  • Who unfollowed me: to find the people who have graced you a unfollow.
  • Who Followed Me: to find the people who are following you with a follow.
  • Inactive Following: to filter out people who are inactive who tweeted anything for 1, 3 or 6 months or more.
  • All Following: allows you to see all the people you follow with the ability to click a button Unfollow.
  • Copy Followers: You can follow the followers of another person which is effective in finding interesting to follow itself accounts.
  • Whitelist: Turn accounts white list to avoid making them unfollow by mistake.
  • Blacklist: Turn an account blacklisted.
  • Friend Check: indicates whether a person follows another
Other features allow you to view the profile of a person to see his tweets, adding to a list, automatically send DM to automatically follow people who follow you ...
The interface is simple and responsive, just remember the more advanced features are not free!

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