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How to Remove Bloodhound.MalPE

30 September 2013
If Bloodhound.MalPE entered the computer, your Windows files, registry entries and other essential components are also infected. 

System Restore can reinstate clean system files by restoring the configuration to an earlier date. The method also replaces compromised files with a clean version.

 NOTE: This only works if you have a saved restore point before Bloodhound.MalPE hopped aboard your computer!
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Beware! The Louise Denson Virus!

18 September 2013

AVOID Louise Denson ( at all costs! It contains a self-downloading an AV breaker able to compromise all existing anti-virus programs; it emails all of your passwords, chats, photos and financial files to hackers, then wipes your drive, writing to zeroes and tracking-in something called a "loop virus" to permanently render your hard drive un-usable!

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Twitter redesign aims to lure new users

18 September 2013
BrandRepublic :: Twitter is preparing to unveil a mobile app that will more clearly stream content by trending subjects and display photos and videos more prominently, according to a report.
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Market, Market, Market!

16 September 2013
» The Blogging Warehouse (formerly known as 'The Adgitizer') has announced the addition of "Marketing by Ann Blog" to the landing page. Ann Liu is a certified Internet Marketing Consultant, the author of "Online Profiting." The Blogging Warehouse has distinguished itself as an ultra-focused site dedicated to covering the many angles of blogging. (Check out the excellent HISTORY OF BLOGGING, which includes a Blogging Timeline INFOgraphic). If you go there to see the infograph, be sure to click on it to enlarge it to a full-screen view!

» Blazing Minds blogger Karen Woodham shares some good advice in an article explaining how a minor mistake, a little something overlooked, led to a small financial loss. For internet marketeers (and everyone, for that matter!) every cent counts!

» Check out Kristi Hines'
24 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest – 2 dozen avenues to monetize your Pinterest account by using it to grow your mailing list, sell products, offer services, increase book sales, and promote affiliate products.
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