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Market, Market, Market!

16 September 2013
» The Blogging Warehouse (formerly known as 'The Adgitizer') has announced the addition of "Marketing by Ann Blog" to the landing page. Ann Liu is a certified Internet Marketing Consultant, the author of "Online Profiting." The Blogging Warehouse has distinguished itself as an ultra-focused site dedicated to covering the many angles of blogging. (Check out the excellent HISTORY OF BLOGGING, which includes a Blogging Timeline INFOgraphic). If you go there to see the infograph, be sure to click on it to enlarge it to a full-screen view!

» Blazing Minds blogger Karen Woodham shares some good advice in an article explaining how a minor mistake, a little something overlooked, led to a small financial loss. For internet marketeers (and everyone, for that matter!) every cent counts!

» Check out Kristi Hines'
24 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest – 2 dozen avenues to monetize your Pinterest account by using it to grow your mailing list, sell products, offer services, increase book sales, and promote affiliate products.

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