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Ten Hidden YouTube Features & Tweaks

28 October 2013

1. Better linking
If you want to link to a specific point in a video, just right-click the video and select 'Copy video URL at current time'. When someone clicks on that URL, it will then take them to that specific point.
2. Play/Pause
If you want to quickly pause a video, the easiest way is to just press the Space bar on your keyboard. It will save you hovering the mouse over the play/pause button. Pressing the Space bar again will make the video continue playing.
3. Rewind/fast-forward
If you want to rewind a video, just press the left arrow key on your keyboard. To forward a video, press the right key. This is much quicker than using the mouse and dragging the cursor across.
4. Watch later
If you're in the middle of a video and need to stop watching it - do not fear. You can click on a Watch Later button that looks like a clock, and it will save the video for you to come back to. This way you don't have to keep searching for the same videos and it will be waiting for you in your 'Watch Later' channel.
5. Disable related content
If you don't want to see any related videos at the end of a clip, you can disable them by adding the code "?rel=0" to the end of the URL in the embed code.
6. Repeat videos
If you want to repeat your favourite music videos, you can add the word 'repeater' in the URL straight after 'youtube' to open it in an external site that will play it back as often as you let it. You can also set it to play back just part of the video. It will look something like ''
7. Customised searching
If you want to narrow down your search results, you can use a number of codes. Adding "HD" to your search query will return high-definition results while "3D" will pull up three-dimensional content.
Writing "long" will bring you videos longer than 20 minutes, while typing in "short" will return content less than four minutes long.
Typing in "channels" or "playlists" will just bring up those results, as will "today" or "this week" to bring up more recent content.
8. Search in other languages
For the bilingual or multilingual, there are options on YouTube to search in different languages. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and change the language options. The choices range from Hebrew to Marathi and for these foreign languages with different characters, a special keyboard will appear in the search options. For languages such as Hebrew where it is written from right to left, the position of the page changes too.
9. Download a video
If you want to embed a video onto your own webpage, press the 'Share' button on the video and then go to 'Embed'. If you want to change the size of the video, you can pick a custom width and it will automically produce the required size for the video.
10. Poor connection
If you have a poor connection and want to improve the quality of the videos you're watching, use YouTube Feather. This beta viewing option removes some features and buttons on the video, meaning they can buffer quicker and not leave you with slow loading.

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