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'The Interview,' Now Sony's Top Online Film Ever, Earns $15M

29 December 2014
Faster than you can say "Kim Jong Un," The movie critics hailed as "The new "Ishtar" has made more money than anyone ever thought it could! NPR examines the phenom...
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The Eight Qualities of Success

18 December 2014

  • Harmony is when there is complete agreement between what you think, say and do.

  • Balance is the reward of harmony; it is when you are most calm and content because there is no disconnect between your thoughts, words and actions.

  • Courage. Is the ability to make choices that bring harmony and balance. Courage is not always about action. It takes courage to do nothing, rather than do something that you do not believe in or understand.

  • Generosity. True generosity is an offering; given freely and out of pure love. No strings attached. No expectations. Time and love are the most valuable possession you can share.

  • Happiness: bubbles up when the first four qualities are in abundance. Happiness is not a luxury. It is a necessity. When we are happy we are in the best possible place to be good to ourselves and those we love.

  • Wisdom: is the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Wisdom alerts you when you are out of balance or having trouble summoning courage. It is your inner voice guiding you through and past the noise.

  • Cleanliness: When there is clarity and organization in your thoughts and your physical space you can more easily access the inner wisdom and courage that makes harmony and balance achievable.

  • Beauty is what you possess when you incorporate the seven preceding qualities into your life.
When people come to me for help there is always one — and often more than one — quality that is broken, or not at all present. Identifying the missing qualities and talking through ways to bring all eight to the forefront is the heart of my work. Does it immediately solve a financial problem? Of course not. But it becomes the foundation that propels people who felt overwhelmed or defeated to feel empowered and in control of their future. It's the very catalyst for lasting success.

Excerpted from original article on
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“We see this as a big leap forward for #China”

17 December 2014
Graphic via

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Build A Blog That Counts - BUT - Educate Yourself When It Comes Down To Legal Considerations for Pro-Bloggers

10 December 2014
Although blogging has decreased in intensity compared to the mid 2000s, the blogs that remain active and the bloggers who are most successful aren't wasting any time.

With 2015 fast approaching, here is a guest article which recommends
two incredible stealthy sources that will set errant bloggers back on the right path! Here and here.

(c) 2014 Saki Tumi. Saki Tumi loves guest-posting!
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Root ALL Samsung Galaxy S5 Variants, Plus Almost Any Other Android Device [How-To]

22 November 2014

One of the easiest methods of rooting is through Towelroot. This option works on most Android devices, (it was designed to root the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5) but not all–specifically some Motorola and HTC devices. Unlike other rooting programs that require downloading and running a program on your computer, Towelroot will root your device by simply downloading and running the app. No computer needed. However, Towelroot will only work with devices that have a kernel bill date earlier than June 3, 2014.
To use Towelroot, you’ll have to enable your device to install apps from unknown sources. This can be accessed by clicking on Settings>Security> Unknown Sources. Now you’ll be able to download apps from outside the Google Play store.

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How to Steal Your Competitor’s Twitter Followers

07 November 2014

Why do you think my companies have done so well from a traffic generation perspective? It’s because I’ve created a popular blog for each of my companies, right?
Although that is correct, it’s not where we started our traffic acquisition. The very first piece of social media real estate that I create for any business I start isn’t a blog. It’s actually a Twitter profile.
Over the years, I’ve learned a few strategies that have helped me grow my Twitter accounts, which, in turn, has helped generate traffic and – more importantly – revenue. One of these strategies is stealing your competitors’ followers, which you can leverage by following these steps:
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Where Do Americans Go For News?

25 September 2014
According to the Pew Research Center, half of adults who are on Facebook use it for news.
That means that overall, about 30 percent of Americans say they get much of their news from the social networking site. By comparison, about 10 percent of the population gets their news from YouTube, and 8 percent from Twitter.
But most people use Facebook for access to soft and local news:
And don’t spend that much time on article pages, or the news site itself:
Back in March, the American Press Institute found that most Americans who seek out news find it on television:
Via American Press Institute. 
And look to traditional outlets for information:
Via American Press Institute. 
Written by Danielle Wiener-Bronner; Edited by Abby Rogers. Re-blogged from thisisfusion
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Remove Rocket Tab

12 September 2014
RocketTab adware infection is designed specifically to make money. It generates web traffic, collects sales leads for other dubious sites, and will display advertisements and sponsored links within your web browser.

RocketTab it’s technically not a virus, but it does exhibit plenty of malicious traits, such as rootkit capabilities to hook deep into the operating system, browser hijacking, and in general just interfering with the user experience. The industry generally refers to it as a “PUP,” or potentially unwanted program.

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Get Everything You Want / Affirmations / Ask, Believe, Receive!

10 September 2014
“You can start with nothing. And out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made” ~
- Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Cynthia Occelli's 15 Reasons Why
You Don’t Have the Success, Relationships, Lifestyle, or Fitness You Want

1) You don’t know what you want.  Discover what you want.

2) You aren’t committed. See the power of commitment.

3) You aren’t taking consistent action.  Check out Tip #10.

4) You say “Yes” too much. Learn the power of No.

5) You’re on automatic pilot—doing the same things and expecting a different outcome. Stop waiting for life to change.

6) You're caring about what others think. Become independent of others' opinions.

7) You believe in scarcity. The scarcity trance.

8) You don’t stay on your own mat—comparing yourself to others, or not minding your own business. Stay on your own mat.

9) You quit. Delays are not denials.

10) You don’t believe in yourself. Learn to believe in yourself.

11) You sell yourself short. I used to do it, too

12) You’re not asking the right questions. Unlock your truth.

13) You’re looking for someone else to figure it out, do it for you, rescue you, discover you, or for something to happen that quickly, effortlessly, and easily, changes your life. If you want life to change, change your story.

14) You think you’ve got time. This is the scariest thing in the world.

15) You don’t know your power. Surrender victimhood and take your power back.

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03 September 2014
The U.S. economy over the last two months painted a grim picture for the average worker, showing only modest wage growth, but the data showed improving pay for skilled workers in areas like health care and information technology. Economists are keeping a particularly close eye on wage growth as it has not kept up with gains in other metrics measuring the overall economy.
Wage gains are important as they provide the extra cash to workers to fuel the roughly 70 percent of the nation's economy driven by consumer spending.
Overall the economy continued growing modestly this summer as employment, wages and prices slightly increased on the strength of stronger car and home sales and tourism, the Fed said Wednesday.

2013: 11.3 million U.S. jobs supported by overall goods and services exports;
 New data show number of jobs supported by goods exports in each state; 
 Metro areas exported $1.4 trillion in goods

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Commerce today released new data highlighting for the first time the number of jobs supported by goods exports from each of the 50 states, as well as a report on goods [1]exports from the nation’s 387 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) in 2013. The Commerce Department research shows that U.S. goods [2]exports supported 7.1 million jobs whereas overall goods and services exports – which totaled $2.3 trillion – supported more than 11.3 million American jobs in 2013.

At the same time, U.S. metropolitan areas exported more than $1.4 trillion in goods to the world in 2013, accounting for nearly 90 percent of all U.S. goods exports. Texas exports supported more jobs – an estimated 1.1. million – than were supported by the exports from any other single state. Houston  topped metropolitan area rankings for a second consecutive year with $115 billion in goods exports.

The report, Jobs Supported by Goods Exports from States 2013, is available here.

The report, U.S. Metropolitan Area Exports 2013, is available here.

[1] Goods exports consist of manufactured exports, agricultural and natural resource and mining exports, and scrap/second hand goods.

[2] Data on services exports are not available at the metropolitan area level.
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In The Greater Scheme Of Things, Does This REALLY Matter?

27 July 2014
So I'm reading a story in USA Today all about how "succumbing to public pressure" Twitter has released the gender and ethnic breakdown of its workforce. (Turns out to be "overwhelmingly male, white and Asian") Now - should we shame or legislate Twitter to change that make-up? and if we do, should we then not go to the neartest Pakistani-owned convenience store or Chinese take-out and demand they release their "gender and ethnic breakdown," then force them to comply with some other norm or "acceptable" mix of workers?

Suddenly, commerce and corporate is ebcoming all about race and gender? If we do have make a forced mix, let's be sure the people we hire are QUALIFIED and COMPETENT. There's nothing wrong with diversity. But you can't ram it down people's throats.

Hey - what about companies based in Israel or China? Should we allow them to do business in and with the U.S. if they're not meeting our standards?
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Download YouTube Videos: Playback on TV

06 July 2014 is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. The success of this project owes to its convenience but the latter is limited when trying to download video from YouTube for free. Not every video can be saved using common methods. presents the fastest ways to download videos from YouTube, providing the best quality of the videos saved from YouTube. Try it once and you will agree that this is the most convenient YouTube video downloader you ever used!
1st way:
being on simply add "ss" to the video URL in order to start the default YouTube downloader:
2nd way:
being on the website where the video is posted add "" or "" before the webpage URL address, for example: and then push Enter button. You'll get the list containing direct links to download YouTube videos for all video files posted on that webpage.
3rd way:
is to use convenient user instruments enabling to download YouTube videos by one click, such as in-browser integration or bookmarklets (special bookmarks). Try it and saving YouTube videos from Internet will become much simpler! Moreover, this YouTube video downloader is completely free and doesn’t require installation!
4th way:
is the common way of using the free YouTube downloader: open and enter the URL address of the webpage you are going to download from into the field on the top of the page and click the button on the right. You'll get the list containing all direct links to YouTube video downloads on that webpage.

MP4 is just a container like .AVI and .MKV and these are not formats. A format is like MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (Part 2), MPEG-4 AVC (Part 10) or H.264 or x264. Anyway, the point is your TV may not identify the format by the container (file name extension) so just RENAME your .MP4 to .AVI and see if it works. 
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FAQ LinkedIn Everything You Need To Know

04 July 2014
Think you've already gotten all you can out of LinkedIn? Think again.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn

by Pamela Vaughan

How to Benefit from the LinkedIn Publishing Platform


TIP::: Make LinkedIn Mobile. The LinkedIn mobile app is excellent. And free. Download, install and use it on your smartphone or tablet device.

22 LinkedIn Secrets LinkedIn Won't Tell You

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Your World Cup Jersey Was Likely Made in Bangladesh

01 July 2014
About 4 million Bangladeshis are working in the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector, which is the principal source of foreign exchange earnings. 80% of the workforce in this sector are women. Image by Shafiqul Alam. Copyright Demotix (22/6/2014)
About 4 million Bangladeshis are working in the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector, which is the principal source of foreign exchange earnings. Eighty percent of the workforce in this sector are women. Image by Shafiqul Alam. Copyright Demotix (22/6/2014)
Bangladesh ranks low among the world's football teams and didn't qualify to play in the FIFA World Cup this year, but the populous country is still an important player in Brazil —
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[BREAKING] @Curalate: New Web Marketing Sensation!

06 June 2014
[WoW!] raises $8.6M to help brands capitalize on today's :
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How to see who Retweeted your Tweets in New Twitter!

29 May 2014
Dave Lucas on BlogSpot ::: "Simple!"

Read Dave Lucas,

FUN FACT ::: via Boston Globe, To determine which topics are “trending” in a specific region, Twitter’s algorithm monitors Internet protocol addresses and cellular tower locations. From those two sources, Twitter highlights an area’s 10 most actively used words, which are then considered “trending.”
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iPhone Ringtone Dance

24 May 2014
Happy Saturday! Ready for your semi-regular reminder that some people are just too damned talented? Scurry over to this URL where you can watch a DeeJay from New Delhi, India cut together a ridiculously catchy mix of iOS 7′s default ringer — and to make things a bit more interesting, filmed himself pounding the track out live on a Native Instruments Maschine board!
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How To Get Things Done

02 May 2014

Have you ever wished you had a better handle on managing your time? You "to-do" list running away from you with too much unaccomplished?  There are ways that you boost your personal efficiency. Here are just a few!

Plan each day ahead of time >> Create a to-do list with your most important tasks at the top. When creating your to-do list, keep your regular schedule in mind to minimize last minute conflicts.

Learn how to say no >> It's important to understand you can't do everything. Taking on too much can lead to stress and will give you mediocre results.

Delegate >> Look at your to-do list and see what you can pass along to someone else in order to get the most out of your time.

Break large time consuming tasks into smaller tasks >> Learn how to do things in parts or sections so you don't spend an entire day working on one thing.

Block out distractions >> Log out of your social media sites and turn your phone on silent. If someone interrupts you while you're working, let them know you’re busy and will get back to them later.

Set deadlines >> Be clear about how much time you will spend on each task and when it will be completed by. Having a deadline keeps you focused and reduces procrastination.

Avoid multitasking >> Focusing on one thing at a time will increase your overall productivity.

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