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02 March 2014
In 2014 it is no longer unique to have a blog - indeed, it is not uncommon for celwebrities and those with a lot of social oomph to have also a tumblr, a twiter, a facebook, an instagram... the list goes on and likely will expand in time.

At the moment, twitter is the gateway through which interactions on many of these social platforms 9and mainstream media and ordinary folk) pass through. So you need to be active on twitter.

If you are in the media yourself, particularly if you are a journalist, make it a point to print and read later my highly-regarded “Twitter Guidelines For Journalists” article.

"Retweets" are a pretty big deal, so be sure you have a handle on how you're doing in the RT department. If you can't access or don't like that website, try

We always hear about taking surveys and writing articles to make money online, but who has the patience, who has the tenacity to chip away in the digital rock quarry, essentially mining for pennies/ It flies in some third world countries, but if you live in a wealthier place, you need to think a little smarter. Here are 10 awesome ways to earn income working on your computer, even without any prior experience.

PS ::: A few computer security measures will save you and your work (and maybe your reputation) a little farther along as you traverse the information highway.


"Blogging frequently and hitting all the right SEO buttons is basically guaranteed to generate a net gain in pageviews. That is, however, not the key to establishing a solid core of committed readers."  ~ Eric Dye

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