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How to CUT a LinkedIn connection

05 March 2014

Here's how to remove someone on LinkedIn:

Option One (From the Person's Profile):
1. Pull up the person's profile and look for the blue "Send a message" box. (If the person is new to LinkedIn, you might also see a gray "Suggest connections" box.)

2. Click on the down arrow to the right of the "Send a message" or "Suggest connections" box.

3. Click on the last option in the dropdown menu - "Remove connection." Voila!

This is the first time in 10 years that LinkedIn has allowed you to unfriend a connection directly from his/her profile page. So much more intuitive since that's how it's done on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Love it!

The only downside to this method is that if your privacy settings aren't configured otherwise, the person might get a notification that you viewed their profile. This could prompt them to click on YOUR profile and notice that you're suddenly a 2nd level connection, instead of a 1st level. Could be awkward...

Option Two (Using LinkedIn Contacts):

1. Click on the 'Network" or "Contacts" tab across the top of any screen (depending on which one of LinkedIn's User Interfaces (UIs) you happen to have... there are several floating around at the moment).

2. Select "Connections" or "Contacts" from the dropdown menu (again, depending on which UI you happen to have) or simply follow this link: You'll be taken to a list of all of your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and/or Outlook (depending on which ones you've imported into your LinkedIn Contacts).
3) Click "Search" in the top right corner of the contacts list and a search box will appear. Plug in the name of the person you wish to remove into the top left search box and hit enter.

4) When the search results appear, hover over the person's name and a few options will appear ("Tag," "Message" and "More").
5) Click on "More" and select "Remove Connection" from the dropdown window. Voila! The person is removed. This method is nice because you did not actually view their profile and there's no risk of them receiving a notification that you viewed their profile (which, again, could be awkward).

Option Three (For Those Who Don't Have LinkedIn Contacts Yet):

If the latest user interface hasn't been rolled out to you yet and you still have the old Contacts page, here's a quicklink to the old Remove Connections page (which would often keep timing out). Just replace the zeros at the end with the person's member ID number, found in their LinkedIn profile URL right after [id=]:
As always, the person you remove is not notified in any way, so don't be shy about removing contacts who spam or are not adding value to your LinkedIn network. (No, I'm not planning to remove my darling husband from my LinkedIn connections.... ;) Thanks for being our guinea pig, Greg!)

Hope this helps! Happy networking!

P.S. - In response to a request in the comments below, here's a screenshot of the new warning message you receive before removing a connection. Looks a bit different than the old one.

Photo credit: Afinidades Eletivas

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