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How To Get Things Done

02 May 2014

Have you ever wished you had a better handle on managing your time? You "to-do" list running away from you with too much unaccomplished?  There are ways that you boost your personal efficiency. Here are just a few!

Plan each day ahead of time >> Create a to-do list with your most important tasks at the top. When creating your to-do list, keep your regular schedule in mind to minimize last minute conflicts.

Learn how to say no >> It's important to understand you can't do everything. Taking on too much can lead to stress and will give you mediocre results.

Delegate >> Look at your to-do list and see what you can pass along to someone else in order to get the most out of your time.

Break large time consuming tasks into smaller tasks >> Learn how to do things in parts or sections so you don't spend an entire day working on one thing.

Block out distractions >> Log out of your social media sites and turn your phone on silent. If someone interrupts you while you're working, let them know you’re busy and will get back to them later.

Set deadlines >> Be clear about how much time you will spend on each task and when it will be completed by. Having a deadline keeps you focused and reduces procrastination.

Avoid multitasking >> Focusing on one thing at a time will increase your overall productivity.

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