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In The Greater Scheme Of Things, Does This REALLY Matter?

27 July 2014
So I'm reading a story in USA Today all about how "succumbing to public pressure" Twitter has released the gender and ethnic breakdown of its workforce. (Turns out to be "overwhelmingly male, white and Asian") Now - should we shame or legislate Twitter to change that make-up? and if we do, should we then not go to the neartest Pakistani-owned convenience store or Chinese take-out and demand they release their "gender and ethnic breakdown," then force them to comply with some other norm or "acceptable" mix of workers?

Suddenly, commerce and corporate is ebcoming all about race and gender? If we do have make a forced mix, let's be sure the people we hire are QUALIFIED and COMPETENT. There's nothing wrong with diversity. But you can't ram it down people's throats.

Hey - what about companies based in Israel or China? Should we allow them to do business in and with the U.S. if they're not meeting our standards?

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