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Root ALL Samsung Galaxy S5 Variants, Plus Almost Any Other Android Device [How-To]

22 November 2014

One of the easiest methods of rooting is through Towelroot. This option works on most Android devices, (it was designed to root the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5) but not all–specifically some Motorola and HTC devices. Unlike other rooting programs that require downloading and running a program on your computer, Towelroot will root your device by simply downloading and running the app. No computer needed. However, Towelroot will only work with devices that have a kernel bill date earlier than June 3, 2014.
To use Towelroot, you’ll have to enable your device to install apps from unknown sources. This can be accessed by clicking on Settings>Security> Unknown Sources. Now you’ll be able to download apps from outside the Google Play store.

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How to Steal Your Competitor’s Twitter Followers

07 November 2014

Why do you think my companies have done so well from a traffic generation perspective? It’s because I’ve created a popular blog for each of my companies, right?
Although that is correct, it’s not where we started our traffic acquisition. The very first piece of social media real estate that I create for any business I start isn’t a blog. It’s actually a Twitter profile.
Over the years, I’ve learned a few strategies that have helped me grow my Twitter accounts, which, in turn, has helped generate traffic and – more importantly – revenue. One of these strategies is stealing your competitors’ followers, which you can leverage by following these steps:
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