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STOP Videos from playing on websites and Facebook

26 January 2015
CHROME ::: Turn off Flash autorun in Chrome type chrome://chrome/settings/content into the URL bar. Up pops a “content settings” page. Scroll down to “plug ins” and select “click to play,” and then “done. It's that simple. After that, every Flash screen will have a gray error message. Just click it to play the content. 

MAXTHON ::: Go to Settings   Advanced - Content Control and uncheck “Allow all sites to run plug-ins.” 

FIREFOX ::: There are two ways to block autorun videos in Firefox but the simpler and more reliable method may be to download Flash Block. You can get it from Mozilla here.
Once it's downloaded, install and enable Flash Block. Restart Firefox and from then on, you'll have to click on Flash media to get it to play.
EXPLORER ::: Use ActiveX filtering. Go to “tools,”  “safety,” and enable ActiveX Filtering. When you come across a page containing Flash videos, there will be a blue icon in the URL bar, indicating that the autoplay has been blocked. If later you want to see a video on the page, you have to click on the icon, which allows you to turn off ActiveX Filtering for that site. If you want to turn it back on, go back to square one.

FACEBOOK ::: On your Facebook page menu dropdown (accessed by clicking the upside-down triangle) select “Settings”:   At the very bottom of the left-hand side, click on “Videos” then Change the setting for “Auto-Play Videos” to “Off”.

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