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A ‘New York’ Paper Takes A Look In The Mirror; Why YOU Should Too!

10 August 2016
"The incremental news of the past will be replaced by stories with larger, more consequential themes; they’ll include investigations of individuals and institutions that wield outsize power; and they’ll include deeply reported narratives ... "

So the New York Times conducted a "soul search" and a re-imaginization program. We can learn from this. We bloggers, tweeters, instagrammers. Whichever your forte, double-down when it comes to providing fresh content. Readers, netizens, major tweeters and retweeters are HUNGRY for original material. We have the power to provide that.

Take one of the evening hours you might spend on an activity such as watching reruns of "Seinfeld" - get your laptop out (you can still follow Jerry and the gang) and put on your thinking cap. If and when you come up with a spectacular article or blog post or tweet, REFINE it. Then, PUSH it. BOOST it.

Be sure to bookmark this guide to 100 + blogging tools, platforms and resources - hit one or more of these sites each night - once you've written a gem, spend three or four evenings PROMOTING it. Next, look up Blog Search Engine - billed as "the ultimate source for searching blogs online." Search for a blog, submit your own. The idea here is to look for blogs with articles where you can leave a link to your own blog post or tweet on the same (or similar) topic!

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