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Copy iPhone Files

25 May 2017


  1. Open iTunes --- go to “Preferences”
  2. Choose “Devices” tab to see a list of current iOS Backups on the computer
  3. Select the backup you want to make a copy of and right-click, choose “Show in Finder”
  4. The backup chosen from iTunes will automatically be selected in a new Finder window –  the name will be alphanumeric such as “edf741c088577huqm3750c”
  5. Duplicate that folder, or just copy it to a new location, external hard drive, usb or PC
  6.  REMEMBER each backup is about the size of the content on your iPhone. AVOID CONFUSION! If you duplicate the folder in the same location as the other backups, it will appear as a duplicate in the iTunes app .
    Alternatively, you can always go directly to the directory locations of the backup files and copy them that way too, but the approach from iTunes is much quicker and more user friendly

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